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Things are going really well.

I'm still seeing "Kendra" and we're growing even closer. We've had a lot of talks about my health issues, sex and other important things. Last night we tried (twice) for PIV intercourse. It was good! I was surprised at my ability to stay hard for most of it. I even felt like I might be getting close to climaxing a couple times. I was however, unable to. We'd already talked about the fact that I had some ED issues but we didn't talk about it at length or in-depth. We finally did last night. Part of that discussion involved me telling her about my previous porn addiction and exactly how it has affected my ED. She was extremely understanding and comforting, and appreciative that I felt like I could talk to her about it. Plus she added that she didn't have any room to complain as apparently I'm an oral sex master (lol).

We also talked about us and where we are as far as a relationship goes. We're definitely in a relationship, but I don't know that either of us is ready to say we're bf/gf yet. I do however feel like I'm falling in love with her. Everything about this just feels right. She is intelligent, funny, caring, understanding, warm, friendly, compassionate... all the things I want in a partner. I'm often hesitant to discuss anything anywhere regarding spirituality, but there is an odd set of occurrances that took place just prior to our meeting and directly after. She believes in a lot of "new age" spiritual practices and one of which involved manifesting your desires or wants by use of a grid of different types of crystals. This doesn't sound too odd to me since recent thoughts in the area of quantum physics point towards intention affecting reality around you. Well, she did one the day before we met online, attempting to manifest a relationship. One or two days prior to our meeting online I asked the universe for the same thing essentially. Another strange thing is that prior to our third date I had a vivid dream about being in a large amphitheater with a large fountain with colored lights and jets of water, and we were sitting on the benches in the amphitheater watching a performance. I was shocked when I realized during out third date (and this was NOT planned) we were sitting on a bench, in front of an AMC theater that was shaped in a semi-circle like an amphitheater, and directly in front of it was a fountain that had rainbow colored lights and was spraying jets of water about 20 feet in the air.

Everything about this is pointing towards something magical.



I'm glad you both sense a larger purpose in your union. Whether or not you think relationships are sacred, it helps to treat them as if they are. Smile

As for the PVI sex...excellent. Don't rush the climax or try to force your performance. I know it's tough, but just trust your body's timing. It's not unusual for rebooting/rebooted guys to experience some delayed ejaculation or premature ejaculation. Guess it just depends upon which brain centers get back to normal first. Eventually your balance will return. And no solo sex to "get the job done." Just wait...and kiss. Kissing and relaxation both help with balance, due to the resulting neurochemcial balance.

Meanwhile, enjoy your time as a Daoist master. Yes 3 Also notice the harmony and intimacy in your relationship.

Suggestion: Don't force her to have a lot of orgasms either, no matter how much you love to impress her with your oral sex skills. Women can overdo it too. WinkWomen: Does Orgasm Give You A Hangover?

Better romance follows when both of you are full of the "urge to merge" rather than "fed up," if you know what I'm saying. This isn't obvious to the primitive part of your brain...because it's job is to create pregnancies.Pardon