Video Games related MO relapse, feeling strong!

Submitted by Terminus on
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Just MO'd. I don't feel like I'm losing progress though. I feel like I'm making progress. No fantasy required, little effort required, big finish (sorry if tmi).

This wouldn't have happened in the past. Also, I don't really feel drained. I feel maybe slightly mentally foggy, but not like I need to nap or anything.

Also, I think what triggered it was video games. I've been pretty low intensity on that for the last couple weeks and then after playing some games, felt horny... can't explain it, I'm sure it's probably stimulating similar pathways or something.

Anyway, not resetting my counter. Still no porn, and the results of this "slip up" were pretty encouraging!



Ok so last night as I was going to sleep it was extremely difficult to keep porn fantasy away, and I even woke up I think, dreaming about porn fantasy. Clearly not out of the woods, but still stoked about the progress!