Day 11 NO PMO

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Alright everyone!

This is my umpteenth time at trying to quit porn/masturbation but as ever am not giving up! NOOOOOO!

I've come to the realisation that life is just way short to be messing around online jackin' to a computer machine. Its a joke. Its as though my computer has become my 'love machine'. Am 24 and have way to much to experience from life and i feel that porn should not distract me from it. I have noticed huge benefits when I've completely quit for a few weeks (4 weeks is my record). gains in stamina, drive, motivation, willing to try new things, zero social anxiety, boost in self worth and confidence.

I wanna start bloggin, its a good outlet to monitor one's progression and gain support from fellow users.

Has anyone noticed significant benefits from cutting the internet out of their lives for a while as well?

peace out x