Day 125ish stuck in a weird place? Advice needed from guys and girls

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Ok so right now I'm stuck in kinda a weird place sexually, for any other realm of my life I'm doing exponentially better. I'm rebooted but haven't been with a women yet. I am back to being incredibly horny just about every single day, as in waking up with a boner and my body saying...go reproduce; and in class with boners just needing release so badly. The problem with this is I have no release besides masterbation with no aid and that is getting boring as I am doing it too much. I can't help it though if I don't I am very sexual frustrated and say for instance I went hiking with this chick and was not looking on terms of friendship,which is how a good relationship should start, but on how fast it takes for her to blow me. When she said she wants to take is slower I was furious!(did not let her know) I then master-bate and come to my senses. So I guess I need advice on what to do. I've gotten every hot chicks numbers in my classes 2/4 have bf's the other one is still getting over her old bf and wants to take it slow and the other one seems like a chick who is used to getting banged regularly:D ie better than thou personality and I hate that trait in what to do what to do. I really want that chick who I went hiking with but she wants to take it slow and I need release now! I'm sick of masterbating haha. Reuniting help! Marnia give me some good advice. I'm not a slob and I think chicks not only like to look at me but would really enjoy my personality....and penis hahaha. Any advice is good advice so let me hear it

And I don't think it's because I'm not rebalanced or anything. Naturally I have a very high libido and just need to know what to do with it!


What about trying something

totally unfamiliar with the one you like? Ask if you can just sleep together with some clothes on. Tell her you want to take it slowly too. Illogical as it sounds, you may find that it soothes your extreme libido better than masturbating does...especially if you do spend time together regularly.

Just try it as a matter of science. wink

it does for me

just cuddling really soothes the libido. It's amazing. Completely surprised me...thought it would increase my libido and make me feel frustrated and want to masturbate but quite the opposite.

Ha! Trust me I'd love to

Ha! Trust me I'd love to marnia! About to get coffee with her "as friends" but I think she'd be interested in that in the near future. I usually don't play the friend zone game but I think I have to with this chick

You don't have to be in the

friend zone to have an amazingly romantic, powerful experience with some clothing on. Courtship is seriously underrated by heavy porn viewers. There's a wonderful electricity that flows between men and women, quite apart from banging each other. Jump in. You may love the

Coming from a guy whos dealt

Coming from a guy whos dealt with this exact scenario (back before I had ED). Get yourself a moped to ride. This will keep your mojo in check for when youre doing your real work with the hiker.

You know, mopeds - fun to ride till your friends find out. Go get em tiger.