Day 92 update, feelin great

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Yo waddup, been awhile. School started this week and I feel great. When your addicted to looking at people have sex you feel dirty. Your mind is perverse and grimy. You don't think well and respond to social cues well. I felt like I had sme kind of disease when I was addicted to porn. Life just didn't flow. Now everything feels great. I have a smile on my face when I talk to people, conversation with people flows smoothly. I don't feel the guilt and shame of porn anymore that hovers over you. I masterbate now because I need too. I'm actually horny again almost to a distracting point sometimes. Ie) in my math class with a bunch of chicks when I should be learning knew material I have a friggen hard on instead. Girls love to talk to me now I think I come off as way more approachable.

Getting off the computer is key guys, I see sooooo many blogs about relapse and the computer is more than likely gonna cause a relapse. Get out and socialize. Go hang with buddy's and shoot the shit, be spontaneous. Its weird to think that I used to watch a guy and a girl have sex or get fucked. That seems so odd now. I'm not gonna say I haven't seen some e-boobs or a couple naked chicks through my recovery but that what happens when you start to recover an are horny.

So you guys, get your shiz together Wink this addiction ruins you. Not only does it ruin the most awesome thing ever,sex, but it also ruins your social interactions as well