Day 95ish Insecurities, does size matter? And no more mo

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Ok been feeling a little OCD lately especially when it comes to an insecurity of mine. Back in 8th grade I was made fun of for having a supposed small penis and it has haunted me ever since. No joke. I have been obsessing about average size, how does mine compare, etc etc the past few days but it has haunted me for awhile.

What is weird is that I do not even have a small pecker compared to average sizes it's actually quite big but for some reason I always feel like I have a small dick wtf. The first girl I had sex with banged me because of my size but regardless my brain still tricks me into thinking I have a micro dong. So is this just nonsense guys? Deep down I know it doesn't matter but that's where the OCD comes into play

I've been slacking on my reboot lately though, school started and I've been so friggen horny. I work at a pool and I see and interact with hot chicks barely clothed everyday! What am I suppose to do! I've masterbated,plain Jane, like around every three days for the past two weeks plus, as well as slowly peeking at more e-boobs and hot babes and I think that is the problem... Even though it seems like my cycle is around every three days until I go insane Im not going to masterbate anymore, orgasm are way less intense as well. I plan on getting some chicks number this upcoming week so well see if I can get them to help me in the near future Wink


If you're bigger than average...

You should count your blessings brother. I'm a little below average and love the size of my dick, and you know why? One size fits all. And dick size is not something you need to stress about, cause most women are pretty amazing, and in my experience, if they're into you, they'll work with what you've got, even when you can't get it up every time. But I'm here to change that, to put the lead back in the pencil, and would say stay strong on the no MOing. The big key is to break the addiction. It's got to be tough being around half naked bodies all day, but a lot of the energy work and meditation stuff on YBOP has been working for me. Good luck and fight the lizard (brain).

I have

an arguably girthy, arguably 5 inch cock. I'm short - 5'6. I get ladies. I've banged 10 over the past 2.5 years, and I'm falling for a beautiful one (my first connection). They don't care about the cock. If they do, it's so not the type of girl I'm going for. Size is for the girls who read too many cosmo magazines. Girls are way more insecure than guys. Trim the pubes, it'll make it look better. But don't let the size matter. You know what I do? I'm open ! I tell my guy friends I don't have a big cock. Why is it my fucking fault if my cock is small? It still needs attention. Anyway, that insecurity left me almost two years ago - and I feel awesome.

Thanks for the encouragement

Thanks for the encouragement guys, ya my insecurities are deep unfortunately but I feel this faze passing. It's weird I got 8inches and thick but I see a tiny wiener when I look in the mirror. I think it's due to how large of a person I am at 6'4" and a burly 235 lbs even a freakish dong would look small. Whatever I ain't gettin any poon anywase, why even stress.even when I had sex it wouldn't fit in all the way so if anything it's a burden. Fuck it, over worrying about it

Remember that a working dick

Remember that a working dick is the most important. If it stays up, it brings pleasure, if not, it won't.

So weird how something seemingly small in your childhood can haunt you for years.. but you know better. Hook up with women if you feel you're ready for real sex. Stay away from the porn and keep the masturbation zero or close to that. You want the real deal after all... once that happens you'll also start to feel better about your magic wand Wink

Ya I'm ready for sex I'm

Ya I'm ready for sex I'm having a hard time focusing in classes and coming home after literally walking around so horny with a hard on at my house. Working my way to get some chicks numbers

it's not how big it is that

it's not how big it is that matters, it's how u handle it :)

your relative body size is probably the big thing playing into your mindset.

like everyone else, size doesn't matter and hell dude, you have nothing to worry about

True I'm sure porn

True I'm sure porn reinforced my insecurities luckily gettin that unwired! Ya had to take it slow for a sec with the first girl. Second one was as tall as me so I don't think she had a problem ha!

try some kegels

It won't make it any bigger really (thought might help keep it hard), but it'll make it feel more "fit"- just like a bicep or any other muscle.

Also, those porn actors have, like, 9 inches, max. No, don't go look to compare :) The problem ain't your bod, it's in your head. Maybe tougher to fix, but good to know that other people won't know you're trying to fix it- they'll just be getting pummeled lol.