Persevere and everything will be ok, an inspirational recovery post

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Everyone please dont stress! your erections will come back. I know it feels hopeless- i felt beyond hopeless-but things will rebalance. As with any addiction it takes time, patience, and desir/will for change. Dont focus on it too much because for me that just was a awful downward spiral. Let you body be what its going to be. You dont have anything wrong/your penis is not physically broken. Just needs some time to recalibrate to reality after porn :)

The mind body connection is huge. Visualization and self affirmations were a great help for me. Theres a difference between visualizing and fantasizing thiugh, id highly recomend not crossiv that border.... For porn and masterbation You will slip up more than likely;) the statistics are against you but its not the end of the world. Your doing the best you can!....Dont focus on dates and times. Just be you and let your body figure it out. We are years and years of evolved sexual beings so your body will figure it out to carry on the passing down of our species :) biologically its our number one objective so it wont be stopped very easily Wink

Hope your all well, enjoy life. Laugh, talk to cute girls and go easy on yourself! Think simply and it will simply resolve :p

Adios amigos


Hmm i must have been tripping

Hmm i must have been tripping as its there. :p. you guys def dont seem like the admins to delete posts. Sweet. Well now you guys have two inspirational revovery posts :). And its nice to hear from you marnia. This website saved my life and i will forever be greatful