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Random thoughts day.....40 something. O ya it's about my penis. Any female advice would be appreciated

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So I use this more as a journal then a blog because I can't really tell anyone in real life about this and internalizing emotions will ruin you. Just ask my dad who has self inflicted ulcerative colidice where his body literally eats at his colon. Anywaseeeee, wow as you can see my thought process is really a.d.d since I stopped using porn.... A good and a bad thing. At least I'm not numb anymore.


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Man I'm fricken horny ahhhhhhhh gonna be hard to fall asleep :O , the computer is daunting begging me to indulge but i say hell no. If I'm so friggen horny I better make things happen for myself and have a chick give me some release cause I ain't touching that little pecker. I think I will always want to look at naked women on the computer, I hear some people saying that it goes away, but for me I don't think so. I'm too opportunistic if you catch my drift. The appeal too see naked women whether in real life or virtual will always be there....

Day 39 and feeling blahhhh

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Welp day 39 and I thought I would check in with everyone, I really enjoy hearing feedback because I can't really talk to friends about this so for now you guys are my new e-friends [bigsmile]

I had a wet dream a couple nights ago which when I first started abstaining from pmo I looked forward to and hoped would happen every night haha :P but this last one for some reason in my dream I freaked out and thought I was masterbating. Was a weird experience and I thought I was going to have to reset but then I woke up.

Intro!!! 20 years old, tall, blond, handsome and unable to perform! 35 days in

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Well hello everyone and let me start off by saying thank God I have found and this site. I could not imagine the amount of pain I would be sentenced to due to a debilitating addiction to porn and spanking the monkey [bigsmile]
Welp where do I start with this whole thing I have a lot on my mind so organizing this into comprehensible words and sentences is going to be an issue, but here we goooo.