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Hello everyone, I have been practicing my flirting skills to distract myself from HOCD and PMO temptations. There is this girl I met at a lecture. I have tried approaching her and striking a conversation, but it just doesnt work...because I get so damn nervous, and I get awkward...any suggestions?


Keep going. Keep at it buddy.

Keep going. Keep at it buddy. Don't give up. Once you get past her with this flirting stage you will feel even more confident because you have done something you thought you couldn't do. But you can do it. A female is nothing but a human like a male but with different sexual organs. Talk to her like you would talk to your friends but add flirty comments to keep her coming at you and excited to be around you. Remember she is just as nervous as you are with her. If she doesn't bite. MOVE ON! She missed an awesome opportunity with you. Someone else is waiting for your flirty ways and your incoming new sexual viewpoint.