Had another orgasm after a nice night of karezza. Disappointing but also enlightening

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So I lied a little bit that our nice night was completely karezza- hence why I had an orgasm at the end of it. But regardless I learned some important stuff, or rediscovered it if you will.

One, when my needs of karezza are met, I am willing and interested in playing other sexual games or doing something for my partner that they would like. When I don't have a nice dose of PIV, I don't feel connected and not very interested or happy about doing other sexual favors.

Two, orgasms do not give me the ability to have a nice PIV experience that I am seeking. During my post orgasm time, 11-13 days ish for me, my vagina is not responsive to my partner's penis as it would be and is when I am free and clear of the orgasm cycles. I have had one experience of relaxed PIV within the past two weeks when I had not had an orgasm for one month and we were just beginning karezza again. It felt really good and safe, due to that my vagina could wrap around my partner's penis in a relaxed interactive way. After I have an orgasm, my vagina becomes rigid, either too tight or too loose and I don't have the "hugging" sensation during karezza that makes me feel so loved and connected. .. so, pretty important, orgasms need to stay in the clear for my vagina to serve me well and for me to be where I want to be emotionally during (karezza) sex.

Disappointing because I will have to wait longer again before karezza can be what I want, but I also realize that this experience of karezza during a post orgasm cycle has taught me some important things and will encourage me to keep on the karezza o-free track/plan in the future.

Also happy to say that my partner told me last night that he enjoys karezza and wants to keep doing it,..




Our brains are a reliable source of reasons we should go for it. Eventually we learn through cause and effect observation and we expect our brains to tell us to go for it. Yes I knew you would say that brain. But I'm not doing it cuz I remember from the last twelve times how I felt for two weeks afterwards. 

Great to Hear

Great to hear that you are learning, concretely, what works for you and what does not. Great to see that you are observant and see cause and effect.

Outstanding, that your partner is on onboard with Karezza! Happy explorations/bon voyage!

For science!

I always jokingly say, all this research is purely for the sake of science!

I think no one could truly understand the benefits unless they fall for that siren song of the O, at least once. Or, maybe more than once. Wink

Thank you

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