Hi everyone long time. :) and I think I personally had karezza like sex tonight unintentionally..

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Hey everyone.. been over a year.. and in that time I got pregnant again and now have a 3 month old girl :) oops. But a good oops. We are hopefully done. My partner is considering a vasectomy.. guys have any tips on that? Anyways

I've gotten really down and out post partum.. not depression but just realizing the extent of my sex issues after an enlightening experience. While my vagina was healing for 3 weeks, I was feeling all sorts of sensation in my pelvis, probably from my cervix and surrounding areas moving back to normal size.. and it felt good. I also felt "Grace" and calm confidence, and pleasure when my partner hugged me.. all sorts of feelings I felt like were probably normal in a way, that I could be feeling all the time.. perhaps my baby's head massaged out some tension, or my healing muscles simply made me more aware.. but I felt so ..where I should be. In my body, my heart, sensuality. And I became aware of the pockets of growth. I felt love and also where it was lacking. Awareness.

But by 3 weeks, one day I simply felt the energy lift up to my head. Seriously as if all the air went out of my pelvis or my nerves no longer felt anything, and my mind suddenly became more active. No triggers. It was a plain day. I think my mind was more active because there was less sensation to keep it busy. Anyways DISAPPOINTING. my sexuality even without having sex yet felt on the pathway to feeling* and feeling normal and healthy for once in my life. :(

So I have realized I do need a sec therapist and there are a lot of things I am probably unaware of, holding tension in my pelvis and vagina, cervix, hell who knows uterus as a result. Someday when I can bring my nursing girl to a session I will.

Tonight!! My partner and I cuddled and then he brushed his teeth and came back... I was feeling glum as I didn't want another disappointing night.. we tried having sex a week or two before and I felt nothing :( and I learned a lot this time around.
- him being above me in missionary freaks my arousal out and turns it off. Like I am afraid of him falling on me or too much force on my vagina closes and pinches the sensing nerves off.
- when he lays his leg across me but body is partially off me to the side and *stays down* the whole time.. I relax into these comparatively beautiful sensations of pleasure... I am relaxed i am grateful for his penis and what he can give to me.
- with this position, we rubbed mostly the whole time.. the tip of his penis nudging the entrance of my vagina. He was also softer too.
- noises came out of me that were reflective of actual pleasure not just "I wish this was how I was feeling
- he orgasmed, I didn't. And I didn't care... there was no build up that I felt I had to release** that's why I think it was karezza for me. Felt safe and pleasurable.
- afterwards there has been no clingy feelings, no subtle resentment, and no tension in my vagina.

Hooray!! <3



vasectomy is not a safe thing

vasectomy is not a safe thing to do. It raises chances of prostate cancer quite dramatically and I would avoid it if I were him.

A Retrospective Cohort Study of Vasectomy and Prostate Cancer in US Men 
stage B prostate cancer 
Long-term endocrine responses to vasectomy in the adult rat 


Thank you we will look into it. He doesn't want to give up orgasms (yet) and I do not want to go on any hormonal or copper contraceptives.. and my period is too irregular for tracking... so it would just be condoms I guess ...!


for the scholarly articles. I like documented arguments. JAMA says the risk went from the norm of 1.56 to 2.06. I'm too cheap to pay to read what that half point means. We have enjoyed my vasectomy for more than 30 years. Would I trade for that bit of decreased risk? dunno


I very strongly believe that vasectomy can not do harm to the prostate. Because all the juices and hormones the prostate produces, are not blocked by vasectomy, and can come out freely, or spread in the body.
And this is the main advantage of karezzy anyway.
The only concern against could be the semen produced by the testicles, who now stay inside..

But my own experience tells me, that this is very good for my body, and helps to produce the "high" I experience because of our very frequent sessions.
I had Vasectomy when I did´nt want child after this age, i.e. at the age of 45. Now I am 86 and do long Karezza every day.

Holy moly 86!

Teach your ways :) make a post or a youtube video about your age and doing karezza. I'm sure young people would be very interested to hear about it! I would share it to my friends on Facebook for you too. I have a lot of young friends in the no-fap community.

Karezza as life-extension

Karezza as life-extension technique. After all, with as much as fun and oneness that can be experienced through a bonding-based relationship, who wants to die? 86 and still ever so slowly humping. Good for you! :)

I agree with the gentlevegan, please elaborate!


said the gentlevegan:
"Hooray!! "

An I sa Bravo
However tell your hubby that orgasm is nice once a week or so, but doing karezza every day without the "end" is best, so both of you feel this wonderful high for the entire time in between.


I'm intrigued by your

I'm intrigued by your suggesting weekly orgasms (with ejaculation I presume) without interrupting the karezza sessions. I am a newbie, only on day 18 of the exchanges, but haven't had an ejaculation for 53 days as we've been experimenting with semen retention. I am enjoying the feelings immensely, and my wife is enjoying the attention she gets when I'm never "satiated", but we are quite undecided regarding future orgasms. Can you clarify - do you mix weekly orgasms with daily karezza? I'm 69, she's 78, we are seeking to get the most out of our marriage for as long as we can!!