Post-Orgasm Princess: my new title ;)

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My bf called me a post-orgasm princess (in a playful way) today. I think it accurately describes how I act, behave and feel when I'm in an O-recovery period.

I ...
~feel less motivated
~feel more "crave-y" for sex; but when I "get it", I'm very particular how I want it, which is because...
~I can't relax completely during slow sex or karezza and can't feel pleasure when I normally would (because of the leftover tension in my vagina, and/or dopamine/pleasure expectation in my brain, which makes my body tense to search for it)
~am more whiny about different aspects of our day to day life
~am more self-focused
~feel irritable more easily, about anything
~have subtle, but assumed expectations (because of my post-o vaginal and back tension) that other people will make things more comfortable for me
~feel like the world is more unfair
~feel frustrated by my responsibilities, rather than taking them as they are
~find no real comfort in being comforted by others, even though I desire it, like a small child

Crazy, right? Orgazy is what I call it.


Yep, I've read them

I think I'm genuinely amazed that this world survives with as many orgasms that it has through all people, ages, genders, everywhere. No wonder people are doing things left and right to please and manipulate others to maintain their sense of self.
I'm the kind of person that when I believe it something I have to reframe my entire existence and perception of how I see the world, and I think it's overwhelming to consider everyone's doing it wrong.

So in touch with yourself!

I like the clarity of your description and I'm nodding my head about most of these.

I remember hearing that when you snort cocaine (similar big dopamine rush??), you suddenly see that everyone around you is an @hole (similar fallout). You hinted at that, and it reminds me how going for the O doesn't fit with the loving, empathetic life I want to lead.