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The books that helped us get started

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let me say briefly which books and articles about Karezza I have been reading that have been ultimately helpful for our experience:

First, Alice B. Stockham's The Ethics of Marriage lots of theory, but also plenty of practical letters from struggling couples with Stockham's advice attached.

William Lloyd's book on Karezza from sacred texts website. very helpful in spelling out how karezza works, and more poetic in descriptions, for some imagination on how to get started.

our progress- less thrusting, less reactions to feeling-based discussion, more awareness of pleasure and release of tension

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So, the past few days, my partner and I have made a few baby steps of progress in karezza that I would like to blog about as to remember that they have happened!!

I will write briefly as possible so I can go to sleep tonight.. and have time to cuddle beforehand.

Here are a few of the insights which my partner and I discussed over the past few days:
I realize, I need a lot more time to relax to allow myself to feel pleasure, and there are specific things which I like.