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Yesterday being my second day after last O wasn't too bad. That state of joy came and went throughout the day and general optimism is back. Riker and I did a lot of bonding yesterday seeking each other out even as we were working on other things. We watched my favorite romance and he actually appreciated the sentiments in it (Movie was The Lakehouse with Bullock and Reeves).

Still had some trouble with my heart but only when I walked too long up a hill. Otherwise I seem to be patching up rather well. Googling "prolactin heart" there seems to be quite a correlation between prolactin levels and heart issues. So since orgasms lead to such an increase in prolactin, I really don't want to have one. The symptoms post O were obvious and staggering. And I've been having heart issues for more than 20 years! Finally, I see the light of life at the end of the tunnel.



amazing link

who would believe the link between orgasm and heart issues. Amazing.

Hey, I haven't had an orgasm since last December and I couldn't be happier with my life and especially my sex life. It's been awesome and I just can't tell you how much better I feel, mentally and in every way.


didn't know about the heart connection, but it's true that prolactin's effects are pervasive. I just read that researchers have found 300 different functions for it in mice.

As complex as the body is I'm

As complex as the body is I'm sure my heart issues are multifaceted. The
nitrates that I was ingesting from my well water and vegs (I used to be
vegetarian) displaced the iodine for my thyroid causing increased levels of thyroid
releasing hormone. Apparently, the releasing hormone stimulates release of
prolactin as well (at least this is what I remember reading). Add stress and
carbohydrates to the list of my prolactin releasers with what orgasms do to
the levels. My health has been a real mess. (Well, then, add the fact the
nitrates displaces oxygen on the hemoglobin and find yourself turning blue).