Day 14

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Exposing the primal side of our nature has been wonderfully interesting and eye-opening. Riker hasn't gotten past two days in a row of no-O but that's okay. He'll be ready when he's ready. I find it fascinating watching the energy/personality changes in him during those two days including the hours past an O. The first day he is generally very into working and I'm a little less in his focus but he always still wants to see me and cuddle with me. The second day, his focus is far more on me and he rushes to get his work done and spend the rest of the day with me. Regardless, we are getting along very well. I still have down moments, here and there, and that's the only times I get uncomfortable and the boat begins to rock some. We just do bonding things and things get back to blissful and connected.

I still haven't O'd. Very close a couple times. Each time is followed by a bit of a downer in feelings but it doesn't last. I think a big part of it is because Riker and I are very watchful of our emotions and we practicing bonding right away. He feels it when my emotions become even a little turbulent. Because we are no longer constantly swimming in undercurrents of uncomfortable emotions, when they do come up, they are incredibly noticeable.



consciousness is very enlightening

How wonderful is it to be aware in this moment. And know what to do to make things feel good in a moment when they don't. We didn't know this before because of all the noise around us. We couldn't hear and now it's so obvious because someone turned the noise off.

We are both so thankful!

Riker and I love each other so very much - always have - but we kept going through these cycles of irritation towards each other and truly couldn't understand it. Now there is such a different understanding, a whole new perspective on things, and so we don't react negatively as easily. We really are there for each other now.

I finished the book a few days ago, Marnia, and now Riker is starting it. It's absolutely fantastic from beginning to end. I really hope you write another one someday.