Death by Chocolate

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Could that be so true? I ended up weak at the knees for another bar of my favorite chocolate treat yesterday before I read the comment on my last post about what chocolate can do to your hormones.

I was pretty irritated and annoyed yesterday morning and then in the evening again. Riker was with me for a couple hours in the afternoon which calmed me from our bonding and affections. If the bonding efforts aren't there, I stay irritated. No more chocolate. It seems more difficult to stay away from chocolate than an O!

Speaking of O's, I've kept a good distance from them the last 2 days. Without chocolate, I'll probably be "chasing" Riker. Poor guy will have his hands full.



I think chocolate is OK, but . . .

I am very picky about the choclate I eat.

I prefer to eat chocolate that is low in sugar, and dark - without any dairy  This means that I look for chocolate that is higher than 80% chocolate - I prefer one in the 90's, but in the 80's is acceptable. I find that a single 3.5 ounce bar lasts at least a week this way, usually longer.  It's very satisfying, and for me, not at all binge inducing or destablizing.   Most chocolate is less than 40% chocolate - even 'semi-sweet', and is mostly sugar. Sugar is the binge-inducer. 

If possible, I get it without soy lecithin, but that can be difficult.

Ghiardelli makes an 86%, and Lindt has a 90% that is very good, and is without soy.   

This is another person's take on dark chocolate.





I've tried both but not recently

As I thought back on my chocolate history, one of the fastest ways I gain weight is eat chocolate in any form whether it's in coffee, candy or some mexican mole'. When I used to work in the construction industry, I would have times when I would get a mocha latte every day. I was healthy, 15 years younger, and thinner (hardworking and a jogger) but those mocha lattes would put the pounds on quick. I'd stop drinking them and the weight would drop again. Back then, I could eat ice cream every day without the same effects. So I think it's a double whammy with chocolate and sugar together.

Not to say I won't ever do chocolate again, but I'll just have to be more aware of it becoming an obsession.

Mark's Daily Apple

Very cool site. I've been reading his blogs ever since I had to start eating my extreme form of paleo diet (have to because I have all sorts of food allergies). His book is good too.

I was eating chocolate from Theo which doesn't have soy lecithin (everything seems to have soy, corn or wheat these days) but it was only 45% chocolate content. Yes, sugar binge for sure plus the endorphins making the mind go "Mmmmm" for more.

As much as I wanted to eat some again today, I've managed to behave myself. And that's without any distraction (or oxytocin) from Riker!

I'm less identified as Paleo,

but when someone asks, that's the diet I tell them I eat, and if they still look at me funny or say something like "what? you eat rocks!?", I just them I am wheat/gluten/soy/peanut free, and eat mostly whole, natural foods, and very little sugar. There's no one version of diet that's right for everyone. We are either born with sensitivities, or acquire them along the way like scars on our knees, and we just need to identify them, and find a way to either eliminate the sensitivity (I'm no longer lactose intolerant YEAH!), or just avoid the food entirely, because we react badly to it.

It's all about balance - enough, but not too much dopamine, enough, but not too much endorphin, and a generous amout of slow-drip oxytocin. These things improve our resilience, and lower our need to be "tough" with ourselves to avoid doing things we rationally don't want to do, but seem unable to control sometimes.

It gets easier over time, it really does.

Here's a bit of an article about how unsweetened (they called it "unpalatable") didn't have the same mood effect as sweetened chocolate.