Psychic Connection?

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Riker is really enjoying the "all but the O" style of lovemaking. Hours go by and we are up until wee hours of the night. Then he works some and I find him with me again in the early afternoon. But our lovely time tends to come to a screeching halt if he O's - then he's off and running again. Well, at least he gets a lot of work done, albeit in spurts (Honestly, no pun intended).

These last couple of days, he's almost scared of having an O because I'm getting irritable with his personality change when he does. But I think it's more than just his personality change (which, by the way, gets much worse if he happens to drink pop before he sees me), I think his O affects me as well. I've been really careful to stay well away from an O, mostly around 50-60% and rarely around 80%, Today, I felt this receptive "flowering" within me and next thing I know it, he O'd. He pulled out trying to stop it and said it was only like a half O (and he was so disappointed in himself, poor thing). I hope the hangover isn't as bad as usual, but the funny thing is - I feel drained! Like I had a mini O! We do have an uncanny psychic connection, though he's not usually as tuned in for a day or so after O, but for me to suffer his hangover as well seems a bit over the top not to mention a bummer.

I'd be curious to know if anyone else has experienced this.

As a side note, I've not had chocolate for 2 days and no O for a week.




both people are affected to some degree. As one guy said, "Sex without orgasm is like blowing up a balloon." When one of you orgasms, it's like popping the balloon.

It's amazing how that "flowering" can can suck it out of a guy. Wink