Roller Coaster Ride

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So much for bouncing back. Moods destabilize with periods of feeling normal. Riker was asking me last night if I was okay so obviously I'm acting different. He is busy which in some ways is good but bonding helps to calm things down in me. Thankfully, he is even more determined to keep us both on the no O track as my own will seems somewhat deteriorated. I caved and had chocolate yesterday. It was a bad idea. I'm not sure what the chocolate did except made me want more of it, but it's the worst sugar hit I've in a very long time.

It seems time crawls when you are awaiting bliss to come back. Ugh!




If you look around the web you will find information on chocolate and the brain.
From my reading there is evidence that it can increase dopamine production. It also appears to have affects on other neurochemicals in the brain. Too much to list here. I think chocolate can have an effect like you describe.


If your guy is determined to keep you both on the no "O" track then he's doing his job. This is what us guys do, get a focus and stay on track. This just happens to be a focus that has very long term benefits. Wish you both the best, its a wonderful journey.

Sound advice

I've heard that advice before but this is really about me caving in for a treat. I already eat near nothing but meat and dairy (not even too much on spices other than onion salt) for weeks/months at a time with very few food diversions. Just wanted something different for a change but it was a mistake gravitating toward chocolate in the first place. Huh, it's actually me trying to find a feel good substance to make up for the imbalance I created by having an O a few days ago. Boy that sneaky reward circuit!

I read your blog about meditation and how it significantly raises dopamine levels. I think I better work on that idea or else this slippery slope is going to get the best of me.

Meditation and exercise

both get great reviews and have science to back them up.

Maybe try raw pecans. They have a bit of protein, but are still satisfying. And you can't binge on them very easily. Walnuts are great too.