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I raise some rabbits. They are semi-free range where they are outside in a fenced in area. The bucks (male) and does (females) have access to each other. It takes but one time for a buck to breed a doe and it all takes place in like a half a minute. She then has babies in a month. A few days prior to the due date, her nesting instincts kick in and she runs around collecting hay and makes a nest underground. She also pulls fur from herself and lines the nest.

Riker and I watched this one female run all over taking the long grasses we threw in their run in large mouthfuls and take it down a hole in the ground. She was obviously creating a nest. She also didn't hesitate to pull fur from other rabbits, a behavior I hadn't seen before but I suppose fur is fur. So with a crazed look in her eyes she kept up this behavior for quite a while (it's so cute really). Suddenly, she jumped a buck, head side, and started "humping" him. She did this for like 5 minutes and he never moved! Usually rabbits don't sit still very long when another rabbit is doing anything to them so it was a surprise that the male allowed this. Then he followed her into her den. We were pretty perplexed since she was already breed, why would she be dry humping a male. For that matter, I've heard that pregnant women also have raised libidos. It makes me wonder what is going on hormonally and neurochemically. As for Riker and I, watching a doe with a mouthful of grass and fur furiously humping the ears of a buck, we laughed ourselves into tears.



for humans

I can understand a sociobiology explanation: that females who are pregnant must bond more heavily with their mates in order to assure that they are taken care of through the pregnancy and beyond.

Don't know much about rabbits. Do they pair bond? I didn't think so.

They say rabbits

are social animals, but I'm not too sure how bonded they are other than they learn who they can and cannot trust. They've learned to not run when I'm there and are not afraid of my cats or dog (when she was alive). They come and sniff me but don't hang out. It seems they only like me because I bring them food. I never seen them do nice things like cleaning each other's fur. They just fight some and chase each other round and round for breeding. When I had some young ones, before I made their outside home, they used to sleep together. But as for buck/doe pair bonding, I don't think too much other than to trust each other.