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Only another day or two and I should begin to feel some bliss. Time moves slowly when you are waiting. I hope my psychic O hangover doesn't slow things down too much. I wonder if my dopamine levels were really spiked or if my body is just reacting to the act of being fertilized. Or maybe I'm reacting to his limbic system not putting out the magnetic pull. It's not too difficult to feel someone's sexual attraction to you, so it would be reasonable to feel the lack of attraction from someone. Okay, I'm reasoning things out because I want my bliss back sooner than later.

A really nice thing happened yesterday afternoon. Riker and I were cuddling with his head against my chest. He was silent for awhile and then broke into a big grin, hugging me even closer. I looked down, inquiring. He said my heart was beating perfectly. That's quite a milestone on my road to recovery.



Great to hear that

Just so you know, there has been lots of research looking at postcoital endocrine cycles in rats, and the timing varies from 10-14 days. I've heard women report different periods of mood swings after orgasm too. One notices the most fallout on day 10. I've been fairly consistent with a bit of crabbiness around day 14. Others think their mood swings exceed the two weeks by a few days.

Much to learn, but I just want to point out that we're probably dealing with a range.