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Update on shame

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I posted last about discovering a lot of shame surrounding my sexuality. I posted during "crisis mode" when I was feeling very down and desperate... after talking and exploring my feelings further, I found it easier to let go of my guilt and shame surrounding sex. I called my sister and we talked about it, about what we felt growing up.

Need help embracing sexuality ♥

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I'm going to try and make a very long story very short.

While Karezza has allowed my husband and I to enjoy sex without goals and expectations, and appreciate sex as something pure, honest, and loving... there is still something missing from the picture. Karezza brings you closer mentally and emotionally, and some of that is expressed through the body, but it's not the same as really OWNING your sexuality and being present in your body.

Life (and sex) after baby! ♥

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Mrs. Torn here...

Our little boy is now 12 days old. I have been experiencing an extreme amount of hormonal changes in this time, and my husband has been along for the ride as well! The birth itself was... incredible. I gave birth at home, 100% naturally, on our bed. The intensity was incredible but I'd say pain was only about 15% of the total experience... the rest was this wild trip, much like being on mushrooms or something similar, in which time did not exist and all was made of vibrating, golden energy. Simply divine.

Baby is coming!

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Woke up at 5am with my water breaking... I'm only 37.5 weeks but I guess that's all the cooking time he wanted! Wish us luck. Don't know how often we will be posting here for a while, seeing as we're not supposed to have sex for at least 6 weeks after the birth (and most women need more time than that). Though we are curious to see how all the new tools we have learned will fit in with taking care of a new baby and my post partum healing.... we are anticipating it will be very useful that we have learned to make love without movement or even penetration. :)