no masturbation challenge

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Hello everyone, new blogger here. I have managed to quit masturbation for 10 years several times, but now I want to do it forever, and I will use this blog as another source of inspiration. The last time I had tried that was this month but I stopped before a few days because,... well I'm an idiot. Fapped 8 times since that in a few days. But now I will try harder, I can't say that I will succeed but I'll do my best. Will write here again after a few days I guess, heh.



I wrote 10 years instead of 10 days -.-

yeah, I want to quit all masturbation, quitting porn is easy for me, but I think that masturbation, among another things drains my energy quite fast and reduces my motivation for learning and work

thanks for the reply and encouragement! going to visit the links now

If you're not hooked on porn

you have the option of finding a schedule for occasional masturbation. Of course, maybe you don't need that - if you have a partner.

I think it's sometimes enlightening to experiment with a lengthy period of no masturbation - just to see whatever you notice. This page has lots of different guys' opinions on masturbation: