Day 12 of a reboot.

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So, I'm on the 12th day of a reboot with no PMO. And as little sexual stimulation as possible.
This is after slipping by masturbating to my thoughts and before that I'd had sex with my lady thinking the ED'd just correct itself if I just had sex and no masturbation or porn. But no, that didn't work.
Now, with some absence from her I'm going to go the full hog.

Its been getting somewhat more difficult as I go along. Today I woke up after a very sexual dream.
A few days ago, I had a little auto accident after dozing off at the wheel apparently due to lack of good sleep as my brain reconfigures itself.
Nowadays, it's been customary for me to wake up 2 to 3 times during the night.

I started this reboot off by making make-shift posters in my room reading 'I DONT' WANK' and 'You are only as strong as what you conquer'.
Plus I keep a tally. I have made it a sweet ritual every morning to to walk up to the poster and draw another line signifying another day (actually, night) of triumph!

I'm also working out every day - at least home workouts with sit ups, press ups, squats to expend energy in some way.

Even now, I can feel my brain getting better and my ability to 'feel' improving. It'll get more difficult I think, but discipline, meditation and sheer force of will should help. Wish me luck



Sounds like you're doing

lots of things right. You've watched the videos on YBOP, right? YBOP website

A lot of guys also find these techniques useful too:


Cold water technique (for when you're desperate Shok )

Just curious...why did you choose this support forum rather than YOURBRAINREBALANCED.COM or REDDIT.NoFap? I'm thinking guys are better off with the help of more men who have been through this. Both of those forums have been heavily influenced by YBOP.


for the pointers!
Now going on day 20.
I didn't really realize the other support forums existed. :)
I just checked them out now and they seem to be a bit 'rowdy'. I'll give them a shot though.
I think there are enough guys here.

What do you think?

Going through the links...

It's up to you

This site originated to discuss bonding-based sex...and then the porn guys showed up. And eventually we created YBOP for them. That led to other good forums elsewhere.

Since I'm doing good today

I'll add that there are days that no matter what you do, whether it's meditate, exercise, stay busy, whatever, it seems like it doesn't work. But it does. It does take time, but I'm finding things are working much more than before. Keep the faith; I'm keeping mine.


@Marnia. Nice. I'll check them out but I'm pretty sure the bonding based sex I can find useful. :)
@Musician. Quite right you are. When you say it doesn't work, do you mean you can't be upbeat? or take ur mind off the addiction?

A good support system is really important I guess - which is what reuniting and the other forums really are.
Day 23 without event. :D and getting stronger by the minute....

I should do a blog entry in a couple of days when I hit the 30 day mark...

What doesn't work for me

Generally, it's when I'm in depressed moods and my mind is spinning rapidly about HOCD and stuff. The further I get in the reboot, the less I feel the need to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones. It just becomes about being more in the present moment, which is good, because I feel I can get more done since I'm not thinking so much.

The weird thing, is that my concern going into the reboot wasn't so much ED, like it was for most of the guys here, but HOCD/ROCD. At this point, I'm also becoming happy at the better responsiveness of my General and his increasing willingness to want to cuddle with his sweet lady!