Day 14!

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Day 14! Last night was a difficult one but I pulled through, thank God.
Was on the phone with my fiancee and got so turned on talking to her we started sexting.
That got us even more turned on. Achingly turned on...

We dialled everything back down and decided to not go that route until we're back in each other's arms.
It was quite frustrating but fulfilling as I didnt masturbate despite the rock hard erection that I had to
deal with by taking a cold shower! Those things work, believe me.

Thing is I can feel the control getting back into my penis. Like its reconnecting with the rest of me. It feels firmer.

The feeling of victory and self confidence is priceless. I'm keeping score on my tally board and get satisfaction from seeing it climb higher and higher.

So, here we go down the yellow brick road...


Hi Marnia!!

Missed you! Thanks a lot.
I only just finished composing a blog entry I titled Power is nothing without Control and then I see your comment about control.
We'll be together after about 18 weeks! :(