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It feels great to be in control. That's the way I feel a lot now - in control of my emotions and not giving in to emotional powerplays from the females. :) or anyone else for that matter. Don't feel I'm fully recovered yet, but I'm so far back to normal it's not far any more now. I've picked up enough speed and momentum too. Nothing's going to stop me now...

It just popped into my head how this desensitization of self that I'm trying to recover from started.
I was reading a post off of where some guy was saying how he got soo turned on by seeing a girl's shoulders and then it hit me - guys are naturally supposed to be moved by sight of lady's bodies, even their shapes, or their smell even. A lady could be wearing a turtle neck or a maxi dress and the shapes and curves would still get me aroused then - this is now happening to me - I really enjoying looking at real life women now and having them catch my eye.
Anyways you can imagine how hard it was as a teenager to concentrate when you're surrounded by beautiful females everywhere!!!

But nowadays, there are all sorts of attire for the female that make an already impossible situation much more difficult. There's much more skin being exposed everywhere you look! So there's pressure for the guy uninformed about the dangers of PMO to escape from the pressure of not physically enjoying the sights.

Sometimes, the person I'm becoming is a bit scary - only because he's a much stronger, much more focused person. It's interesting to be meeting him and getting acquainted. I just started playing outdoor soccer now and it's fun. I feel like I was dead, but now I'm alive. Why wouldn't I want to be alive. Whoever's behind porn, they're very evil. Very evil.


Great post mate,

Great post mate,

Yeah getting off porn I definitely notice how beautiful women are, just being in a supermarket, it's not about the glammed up girls who have a ton of make up on either, there are some very beautiful women of all size, shape and race out there.

Great to hear you becoming a new man - I'm going to start doing football (soccer) practice on my own in the mornings as part of my morning ritual soon. There's a local park near me so i'm lucky.

Yes they're immoral, they just see it as business of course, maybe they know about the damage it causes maybe they don't. Most importantly, all people and especially those from a young age have to be warned about porn with the same type of 'scare factor' ad campaigns as smoking with lung cancer.



[quote=trueloveskiss]Whoever's behind porn, they're very evil. Very evil.[/quote]

That's the way I feel about it too. They're the eaters of light, the destroyers of life. But when we've been through enough pain we learn our lesson... eventually.

yea definitely know what you

yea definitely know what you mean about being aroused by simple aspects of girls. Just the other day i was turned on by a girl who was wearing very short gym shorts. She wasn't even that attractive, but it turned me on. During my reboot, I find myself avoiding watching commercials that are supposed to appeal to guys because they typically show very attractive women doing very attractive things. Its just people getting more and more desensitized.

Personally, I wouldn't say porn is necessarily evil, however, I would say that the people who refuse to acknowledge its damage, or refuse to recognize it are either evil or extremely ignorant. the problem is that porn doesn't get the negative exposure it deserves. The only bad thing the general public could say is that its immoral. Whats wrong is that people are fucking up their lives and have no idea porn is the reason. Meanwhile, they're doing things like seeing psychiatrists who are putting them on anti anxiety and depression meds. Theyre just looking in the wrong places.

I just feel lucky for stumbling upon because it was truly by chance.

Thanks Guys...

needhops, well, I see your point but porn's design is to make everyone think its harmless when it isn't
The lives of a lot of actors and actresses aren't exactly model or 'great'. Sometimes we forget these are real people. :) who are probably worse off than those of us who've 'used' the stuff.

I sought out sites like yourbrainonporn. I had an ED episode and I knew - then I thought it was just the masturbation. Turns out porn wasn't helping.