Relapsed on the 7th day.

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Relapsed on the 7th day. Was really feeling good about this one.
Ever had that feeling that something was soo much bigger than you?
Story of my life.
I intend to take the fight to this one and overcome it or die trying.
I've noticed times of stress really set me off. So I'm going to do the following for a few days
-get more involved on
-Meditate every night before I go to bed (Using the bible)
Perhaps the biggest downside of this is the shame.
But here goes...

I'm sorry, but the worse thing I can do now is to keep quiet about this. Allow me to let it out there.



Intend to start my day 6 days of the week with a workout.
Somewhere between all that rigour I should learn some discipline.

Do you have a cuddle buddy?

The support of my girlfriend has been vital to me giving the PMO up. Meditation has also helped to see my mind and get to know my habits. Brother, this is totally doable. And I'm the type of person to also give up on things. But over time, it gets easier. Also, if you've done 7 days already, I think you're already beginning to weaken your brain's pathways to porn. Taking the next step should be easier. I was flirting with quitting porn for almost 2 months before, so when I had the opportunity to do it after a vacation with sex, I was able to just quit for 37 days. Now I've been O free for 10 and PM free for months.

No cuddle buddy.

at the moment. My lady's away for work till next year. :(
I believe you about it being doable and my brain's pathways to porn getting weaker. I can actually feel it tho.
Congrats man for getting to 37 days.
I guess I'll have to go it alone. Are you on


I have one post on it. I don't know, I feel a more intimate community here on reuniting. But maybe I'm just not familiar with the workings of reddit and how to use it well?

Maybe you can shoot this time to just break your record of 7 days or whatever it is. Then take it one day at a time after. You'll feel better being able to get to 10 or 15 days, for example. 90, 60, or even 30 might be just overwhelming to think about.

I agree...

My last "record" was 24 days. In any case, I've decided to take my focus off counting the days. That's some stress as it is. I'll just focus on other things - working out, and no fapping/PMO. Just coast and prepare my mind for when I'm weak...

Maybe that's a good approach

I've had issues too with making these sorts of commitments and following through exactly. Maybe something else needs to shift for you before you're able to fully quit. But you're making serious waves and pushing in the right direction. All the other good things you're doing may balance you to the point where you're able to quit for good. Hopefully.

Thanks Marnia!

You're always there edging me on... :D
What would I do without you?

Now on 30 days! I'm being somewhat zen about it as that has helped me focus on being happy and in a good mood. Apart from the working out and keeping busy and stuff.

The calmness I believe I will carry on for the rest of my life as it comes with feeling more in control.

I think I'll have some ice cream to reward myself! Wink