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2 kinds of sex

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I'd like to apologize for the break between posts; I've just started a new job and I've been terribly busy with that. I am able to take a moment and write 1 of 2 blog posts that I envisioned when I first started this Sex for Christians ministry blog. I believe the two posts I want to write work hand in hand so I hope to post that entry soon.

I was going to title the previous blog "2 kinds of sex" but I got so caught up with my history that I didn't feel it was right to tack this topic onto the end of a post, and that it would be more appropriate to give it its own entry.

my high level history

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Today's post (after three failed attempts!) I'd like to start off with some justification as to why this is important to me. Very briefly (and in order to keep marriage secrets a secret), I wasn't much of a dater in high school, and I only went out with a couple girls in college. I am never sure how to categorize those long-distance online girlfriends from the late 90s. But I remained a virgin until 24, which is when I met my wife. For many years I thought it was important to keep my virginity for my future wife, and I rather preferred to date girls who were of the same mindset as me.

Intro to vacama (that's me)

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Well I just would like to say that I am excited to be on the website, and I hope you enjoy the entries that I post on my blog. I'd also like to thank you for reading, and I am eager to read you comments or questions and respond.

I am a Christian and I am eager to explore this approach to sexuality; based on what I've read thus far, it comes very close to the ideal Christian sexuality, far closer than society's current approach.