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I am getting attracted towards my sister in law. Every time i see her I am like just grab her and finish it off, but then i control myself as it would be wrong to my brother. Even she some times try in provoke me or may be thats my misundestanding but i am in a totally confused stage. Now a days i just try to avoid being near her as its very difficult to control myself. But then even she some time play with me, like last time we went to a movie, i was having pop corn and while watching the movie she was taking popcorn from me and suddenly she touched my penis instead of taking popcorn.


Thank you Marnia for your reply

I have tried to stop fantasizing about her and i was all successful but then every now and then she comes in front of me and does things to make me erect. Like some time she shows me her cleavage and the worst part was when she came just with a jeans and bra and then acted as if she didnt knew i was there but even this happens very occasionally. She even some time try to talk about sex with me but then i just change the topic as i feel bit uncomfortable talking such things with her.

Have you tried

telling her firmly to stop such behavior? The fact that you tolerate it and are obviously aroused by it is an invitation for her to continue it. She's doing it to flaunt her "power," and you are acknowledging that power by your response (and lack of decisive action in telling her to stop).

not actually

I have always been in a state of confusion when she does such thing to me. But she has crossed all the lines now, she kissed me on my lips yesterday and then when i got back to my senses i just pulled back myself. She directly told me that she just wanna have once with me. Today is the worse of all, she mailed me her nude pictures. Should I just stop this by just giving her what she wants because she said if i give her once she will never do such things in the future.

Your thinking is very confused right now

You could be about to do irreparable harm to your family and your future self-image just because of some over-heated woman's passing, selfish whim. How will you feel afterward? Guide yourself by those feelings, not by the exaggerated biological blindness she is inducing.

If she finds you so hot, so will other women. Why not go find one?

Are you kidding us, vip? You

Are you kidding us, vip? You would do that to your brother? Grow up, Jesus Christ. Get a backbone. Choose light, not dark.

Get and stay far away from that woman. And, quit acting like a dog, which cannot think one minute ahead, ready to jump on anything that presents. You are a human and a man; act like one.