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Back again Day 2!

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Well since i did my 9 weeks reboot finished back mid Decemebter, i have stayed away from porn (had may be 2 or 3 views but no MO). My intention was to rewire by maybe getting regular massages with someone local that could potentially lead somewhere.

For some reason that did not take place, lack of time being one reason, going back into a regular daily MO (with fantasy) binge did not help and then in the last 4-6 weeks it led back to online sx chats (but no visual).

9 weeks on Monday

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Just a quick check in,

It will be 9 weeks on Monday with no PMO, although there was that cam girl binge (maybe 4/5 visits in a week), but no O during it due to the location of laptop. I later O'd to fantasy, but have not since. I still have a bad habit of having a bit of a fiddle through the pants and fantasising, 80% is in first person and I do it a lot less than during my binge week.

56 days to go (5 weeks no PMO)

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Morning erections, still at semi state, mild fantasy getting hard to just above parallel still, so there is slow but steady (reasonably) progress

Fantasies coming back strongly today, largely I think due to the fact that I can get semi-hard by imagining them, its real girls in real situations, which in the past has led to edging. I'm very confident that wont happen again, but am not sure how unhealthy these thoughts are with regards to my reboot?

59 days to go (32 days no PMO)

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I've been busy the last couple of days, but thought it time for an update

Since 21 days there have been intermittent morning erections, with parallel to ground the maximum lasting 1-3 seconds before descending. Additionally this was not all days, but did notice I could achieve that by just lying in a warm bed with either minimal fantasy (naked or just kissing/hugging) or in the last few days even no fantasy.

63 days to go, 4 weeks of no PMO

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So 4 weeks! Smile

It's nice to get here, It feel like only yesterday I was on day 0 but at the same time feels like ages ago. Based on my experience with other addictions 3 months is quite significant in changing habits so for now I'm still targeting 90 days min.

Morning wood today was just semi 50%, but there may be many factors to that, I had interrupted sleep and I dont expect progress to be linear. I had nothing until 21 days and this week last week fluctuated between 50% (which I will call Semi) to 70/80% (Just about enough for penetration)

66 days to go (25 in)

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Today I realised how booooooooooooooooooooring the reboot can be, I'm as motivated as ever, but boy does it drag on, the lack of libido that is rather than not wanting to watch porn/fantasises, both of which I find easy. I'm quite an impatient person, may be thats why, additionally morning wood was back down to 60% today so that may be having an impact on my thoughts,

68 days to go (23 days in)

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Not a huge amount to report, felt quite down today, feel like curling up and going to sleep early. I'm not going to relate this to PMO withdrawl, as we all have good days and bad days.

Anyway, as for abstaining, it was a breeze, zero libido. Morning wood still 60%. I'm learning to fantasise much less, near to zero on most days, but i'm wondering if that is the most effective way, or whether there is a better way...perhaps turning over the tv whenever there is a woman on? I don't know, it sounds extreme, but i remember reading someone else tried that....