Day 17 of Reboot

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Well here I am again.

Day after my last post was hard, some real gritting of the teeth moments at my danger time. However the best solution seems to be around friends when I can. Other times try and either distract myself if I am too close to the edge or do some more positive tasks.

There are some more positive signs from the reboot. Not going to count my chickens before they hatch though.

As I outlined in my first post I wasn't into full on, let alone heavy porn. Really just sexualized imagery. This means general browsing can be dangerous for me.

My self restraint is getting a real work out at the moment, my stomach problems are back again. I get the sensation of being ravenously hungry all the time when I have them. Need to book a catch up appointment with the doctor again. Fighting two urges at once at the weekend was very hard. I didn't eat specularly, but I threw some food away that I really shouldn't be in the same room as.

Also big thanks to Marnia and Gary


Hang in there

Can you find a snack that so healthy that you won't *want* to binge on it...but that keeps you from having to deny yourself? I use nuts for this purpose. Smile