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I want to try and experiment with this idea. Not many people around me right now, well none, are into trying this or have even mentioned about the benefits of keeping ourselves from doing you know what. We can only try to do this. I have met some people though who have told me after cumin that they want to be by themselves. Somebody else who has sex with his wife without cumin and he looked liken he had a lot of energy.

I have tried it before and I want to try it again, for four weeks.

No masturbating and no sex. Just thought now, I wanted to still have sex but to really feel any benefits it maybe the best way to decide no sex. So it would be most challenging when I am with my friend, female friend.

As art of planning this out i wanted to post it on here. And to anybody who I'd trying to do the same thing. Good luck with it.



Welcome mate

Its weird isnt it, how the idea makes so much sense and yet you look around and everyone else, the whole world, is caught up in the pursuit of orgasm. For me it feels weird, like parallel universe or something. And it seems there's stuff all you can do about it . Except try it yourself and see!

Sex or no sex? My partner and i did have some sex, but only after she got up to speed with the ideas. Without doing this i do not believe it would work, rebooting is hard enough by itself. But at the moment im really enjoying a period of no sex, its making me appreciate her just for her.

Also Kevins four easy steps was really really helpful for us.

Good luck on your journey - it'll blow your mind, i know it certainly did for me.


No sex fr four weeks. She is studying an hours drive away anyway so not seeing each other everyday.

Any tips on giving up wa##ing? done it before for quite along time when I went six months withiutn watching porn. Can get to a point where I can feel like I am going absolutely insane and as soon as i try knocking one off I feel relaxed again, this maybe like two or three weeks without cumin when this has happened.