Caved to PMO on day 28 (Direct feelings after).

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So I have just caved to PMO today about 5 minutes ago and I wanted to write out directly how I felt afterwards, this was my longest time away from PMO that I can consciously remember, so I have to give myself that. The cravings for porn came strong after I had my first orgasm in a sex session on day 26, I was not familiar with "the chaser effect" until day 27.

The cravings for PMO were so strong today that when they waved through my body, I felt as if I was going to pass out. My body seemed to take over once I let my mind sit on the idea of PMO'ing for an extended time. When I first opened the browser to the porn videos, the feelings were so intense that again, I felt as if I may pass out. They were so overwhelming that it didn't even feel good, it was too much. I realized in that moment that it wasnt even about the orgasm, it was the addiction. Once I orgsmed to the porn video, that was it, I was left with nothing and felt like a storm had gone through me and I was left deserted with my UN-organized emotions. I was prepared not to beat myself up if this ever happened, but I can tell you now that I want back on the path to PMO-FREE right away!

Although I get to start from day 1 again (because counting motivates me), I want to walk away from this knowing, and proving to myself, that there is NOTHING on the other side of PMO, and it amazes me that I lived in that world for as long as I did. Going my first 28 days, was the happiest I have felt in years, I felt music, friendship, love, art, nature, dreams, adventure, success, admiration, motivation, and happiness all within those 28 days, and I am proud to start again and learn the gift of discipline one day at a time!


Late to party

But I am glad that you learned from your experience. I can't speak to the Rebooting that much, but there are so many men here who can really help you with that. I hope someone got back to you through PM or some way to encourage you and give you their own experience in the "orgasm hangover" stage and how to work through that.