Day 12 (I need a plan...)

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I am on day 12 of no PMO or MO. I posted earlier about finding myself with alot of un-used time on my hands due to not PMO'ing anymore. Does anyone have a specific plan that they use, or have been given by someone else that helps them fill their time, and help their brain chemistry heal from porn? I do really well on plans, and To-Do lists, and I am inspired by peoples day to day progress here on this site, so I was wondering if anyone could give me a day plan that works for them? I want to thank everyone for their comments, they help me sooo much!

P.S. I have been spending a lot of time browsing dating sites because I am really looking for a real solid relationship to eventually help build a healthy sexual porn free relationship. I have found that the excitement of looking at dating profiles also helps subside the porn cravings...Dating site browsing, good or bad at a time like this?


dating browsing has hurt guys recovery times

if it's exciting in that way, it's a dopamine rush and generally something to avoid at this point.

I would confine dating site browsing somehow to a short time each day or several short times each week.

What are you interested in? What do you have some interest in?

I mentioned dance lessons and dance as being super good.

You've had a lot of great suggestions on that thread, such as reading, meditation and exercise.

Why not put a daily schedule together for yourself?


I have found that having any

I have found that having any kind of agenda (even if it's boring stuff like doing the laundry) beneficial. But I also find that "doing nothing" sometimes has benefits. Like, sitting around relaxing having a tea listening to The Beatles is better than relapsing.

All the best.

Making new habits and doing

Making new habits and doing new things I think would help. I've noticed my old habits (many of which I still do) have become triggers for me to PMO, so i imagine it would be helpful for us to pick up new things to break our addicted brains out of the mold its used to existing in.

Also, I agree with doing nothing. As long as I'm not fantasizing, teasing myself or looking at P, I figure my brain is maximizing its healing process. Try doing something creative!