Day 18 no PMO or MO (To get physical or not?)

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So today is day 18 or no PMO or MO. I have gone back on the dating sites and I keep going back in fourth between searching out girls to have a lasting, meaningful relationship with (which is what I ultimately want most, but seems to be really hard to find the right girl), and girls to just get together and sleep with. My main goal is to cut PMO out of my life and I am wondering if I just sleep with real woman, maybe I can get more into the pattern of that, rather than the fantasy of PMO? I have a couple girls who are interested in possibly getting sexual, and that excites me very much, but it also makes me nervous because the sexual feelings are so overwhelming. All in all, I would rather get into the pattern of sleeping with real girls and having friends with benefits, than caving in and relapsing on PMO again. Better to start resorting to the real thing than to feel the fantasy right?

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Go slow

If you could work first on the cuddling and bonding, that would be a good idea.Lots of affectionate contact first, to get away from the feelings of loneliness and panic.

I agree with all of the above

I agree with all of the above comments. I will add only the following. Above all else, stay away from the PMO. I would say that the only danger in getting intimate in the early stages of the reboot is the risk of stirred up emotions which could lead to a relapse. Aside from that, I'd say do whatever. Sure, the slower you take it and the more you are focused on bonding, the better it will be; but if you aren't rebooted and rewired yet, you may still have trouble, maybe not. The beauty of the whole thing is that it really doesn't matter so long as you stay the course. Know that even though the process isn't linear, you will continue to improve as you continue to direct your sexual energy away from porn and fantasy. Whether you are sexualy active, or not, the healing is taking place.