Day 27 no PMO or MO. (Recent sexual activity)

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So it has been 27 days since I have last looked at porn or masturbated. Although lastnight I had a girl over that I was interested in and I felt feelings for her. We ended up touching and making out, one thing lead to another and she ended up giving me a handjob. I orgasmed and felt okay with it because I was in the moment with her and not porn or my fantasy. After some more making out, she asked me to have sex with her. I felt very hesitant at first because this is my first re-boot and I don't fully know the boundaries on how to successfully re-boot from porn, because I mainly decided to do this to stay away from porn, and this was a real life situation that I was not prepared for. So we ended up having sex twice that night, so in total I orgasmed 3 times. It was a very passionate and connected sex session, but I dont know the girl extremely well. I woke up this morning feeling strong sexual urges and a desire to have sex with her again, which is feelings I wasn't feeling during my 26 days or not orgasming. I am a little confused and worried on where I go from here, I feel a little irritable and agitated today which could be from not knowing what to do next...Does anyone have any advice on how to continue on this re-boot or if my sex escapade was a good idea for my re-boot from porn? Remember, my goal is to rid myself from porn and develop a healthy sex life within real relationships.


IMO this is what you want

IMO this is what you want real sex with a real human being with no ED problems. I say as long as this doesn't escalate back to porn your golden. Just stay the course and only have sexually activity with real people.