Day 3 no PMO or MO ( Need some advice...)

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This second re-boot is much more emotional and intense than the first, I feel so conflicted on how to proceed with this. I don't know if I should just solely focus on myself, or try and look for a real and meaningful relationship with a woman? When I do online dating, I feel as if I am possibly trying to "play god" and set up a deep and spiritual relationship myself, rather than just letting the universe take over and let the relationship come to me naturally by meeting in a real life social setting. If I were to meet a girl in a real life social setting, where would I go to meet her? I broke up with my girlfriend of about a year a little over a month ago and I feel very lonely for social interaction. I have a hard time making real friendships, but I want them very much and I don't know where to go to make them....

I am really scared, confused, anxious, and lethargic.

Do I just need time to myself?
Are there certain things I can do (or not do) to help myself through this re-boot?
Can anyone give me some advice?


My advice

is to socialize however you can. It's really healing. Just try not to "jump on" the first woman who smiles at you. See if you can get in some snuggle sessions without sex. Just tell her you want to take it slowly.

It's healthy to want contact with potential mates. Don't beat up on yourself for that!

*big hug*