Day 9 (again) no PMO or MO (Magic has happend!)

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So I decided to wait a while before I wrote another post, to get some days built up since my last relapse 9 days go. So here I am at day 9 of my current reboot and I have learned alot since my last relapse. When I decided to PMO 9 days ago, I really made a strong effort to learn from the relapse and continue living my life in a positive and social way through "participating in the world." I forced myself to continue to be social, talk to strangers, get out everyday, exercise, complete all my daily tasks, and keep being productive each day. I found that doing that, rather than sulking in my relapse, made it seem like I picked up right where I left off before my relapse! It also proved to me how much I genuinely want to reboot and recover from PMO, which also made my choice to continue to move forward on the reboot a no brainier!

Another thing that has helped tremendously is that I have put together a full daily routine of things that I never used to do when I was consumed by my PMO condition. That routine consists of:

-Waking up
-Eating oatmeal/ 1 cup of coffee
-Listening to a chapter of a self help audio book while I get dressed
-Riding my bike to the library (3.7)
-Smiling at passing people on the biking trail
-While at the library I sit down and keep myself busy through research, college preparation, journal writing, organizing weekly goals, working on my life plan etc... I also talk to the cute librarians when I am taking a break from my work Wink
-Riding my bike back from the library (another 3.7 miles)
-Checking off my entire To-Do list (Which is a really inspiring feeling! If it goes on the To-Do list, I have committed to getting it done that day)
-Eating a healthy dinner
-Making tea and reading a good book
-Sitting face to face with my fears in silence, and taking my power back from them right before bed
-Go to bed

I have really gotten into biking as a new daily activity! It is a perfect way to arrive in a social setting such as the library because by the time I walk into the library, my endorphins are running rapidly and I very eager to be social because I feel so good from the exercise! Since keeping on this plan, I can feel my brain rewiring itself to adapt to this new way of life. I now have made a rule that once I figure out what I am afraid of, I must research it and develop some understanding of it, and then face it. I cant believe how much weight facing my fears takes off of me and how much power erupts inside of me when I do! I also always have a To-Do list and I try to fill it up to where it takes all day to complete, and the best part of that is I get so much done! On top of that, I have written out, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals as a way to better understand who I am and what I am inspired to do on this planet. WRITING OUT GOALS AND COMPLETING THEM IS CRUCIAL FOR MY RECOVERY!

That's it for now, good luck everyone!


Good for you!

I'm so glad for you! I strongly believe in writing goals and putting them out there for other people to witness. I keep a blog about my weight loss and conditioning for my cosplay and anime/convention goals and it really helped me get out there and do something instead of merely talk about it. After all, when people ask "So are you ready for the con? Isn't the con this week? How was the con?" I feel better saying I am following through rather than mumbling that I didn't do it.
Have fun getting out in the world. I just joined in my area and am looking at which groups I want to attend and what would work with my schedule.

Great post

you know you're making progress when you can stay on the rails after a blip on the screen. Well done.

I'll add your good advice to "Uncle Bob" on YBOP. Thanks!