Relapse after 7 months...

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It has been over half a year since I wrote a blog on here. I went 7 months with no PMO, and then one night, a series of hurtful events happens and I found myself relapsing. After that first relapse, I went about a month until I relapsed again, then 2 weeks, then 1 week, then a couple days, and I found myself back in the Porn Trap. I have discovered that I am not only a porn addict, I think I am also a sex addict, but I am not sure how to tell? PMO comes up when I feel lonely or rejected and I find myself feeling lonely alot, and I cant seem to find the will to go out and be social when I know it is what I need to do and what will save me from future PMO relapses.

There is good news within all of this, I have build a much stronger social life than when I was PMO'ing everyday and didn't know any better. I am much less anxious talking with people now and I feel I have grown alot in that area.

I just wanted to check in and get back in touch with this site. If it wasn't for this site, I would have never been able to go as long as I did PMO free, and I that you all deeply for being apart of my journey!


That's a lot of progress

I know you know this, but highspeed porn is a problem for many any quantity. It's too stimulating, which can easily drive "needing" more and more of it. If it caught you once, it can catch you again. Treat it like an allergy...something that may not be a problem for everyone, but is a problem for you.

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I can really identify with the feelings of lonliness you experience. As lonley as I feel I don't always feel motivated to connect with others, or fulfilled by social interactions.... And I'm very self conscious of my alonesss...I feel like my lonliness is written on my forehead and it bothers my ego when I think people can see it. At the same time I feel like I look to other people and things outside of myself to relieve me of those feelings...but maybe without being consciously aware of it it's also an attempt to get a "fix"