Relapsed again, need some answers...

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Today I relapsed on PMO again. Last night I had sex with a friend and we ended up staying up late and waking up early. I felt very tired during the day which made me not want to go out, I was by the computer and my curiosity led me back to PMO. If I am not involved in PMO, I am desperately looking for either a girl I can fall in love with, or a woman who I can just have sex with and had no emotional connection. I feel the only way to get through this is to totally change my lifestyle and weekly routine. I have some questions, that I would love some answers too...

1. Is it a smart idea to separate myself from woman completely?
2. What do I need in my life to make me feel happy and secure?
3. How can I come to terms the trauma that porn has caused me?
4. What are some important things I can incorporate in my life for my road to recovery?


The answers are in you

You are trying to change and asking good questions, so you're already on a good path! Here are a few suggestions for things you could add to your weekly / daily routine. I hope they get your mind working in a positive direction Smile

  • Meditate. Whatever you are doing, meditate also. It doesn't have to be a big, fancy, sit still in a lotus position for hours meditation, but just practice bringing awareness to whatever you are doing. Are you here in the present moment right now, or are you thinking about something in the future or the past?
  • Spend some time in silence. We are so plugged into media of all forms, constantly needing to stimulate our senses. When I stop stimulating my senses for a while, I actually "come to my senses"; and often the answers just come. The idea to use porn (and feel the need for it) comes from the mind; if you can control your mind, you can control that urge too. I doubt that it's a good idea to separate yourself from women, but you probably do need to become aware of what triggers you to go down the path you are trying to avoid; and when those triggers arise, then maybe try to change the situation or remove yourself from it. Learning to bring awareness will help you there too.
  • Start saying "yes" instead of "no". Flow with life and see where it takes you instead of trying to control everything.
  • Start associating with people who are also interested in personal growth.
  • Don't use porn. Just don't do it. It's not an option. No matter what symptoms you suffer, don't go back to porn - it's not the answer. This post helped me with reach that conclusion: If you do "fall off the wagon", don't beat yourself up, just renew your resolve and get right back on.

I think these are all

I think these are all wonderfull suggestions. Can I apply them to binging on chocolate and junk food? Seriously... I feel like i cant do anything in moderation. t's funny how the urge to overdue still arises in one form or another.