Relapsed...Day 2 (again)

Submitted by warriorfreedom on
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So I relapsed to PMO 2 days ago, but again I learned more about this PMO addiction. I see the patterns of what causes me to relapse, it is looking through Craigslist "Personals" ads, and using them to build fantasies to get my dopamine going, I guess you call that "edging?". It starts out as just looking out of curiosity, and then ends with the PMO pathways freshly paved and ready for relapse, or actual sex, which ever one comes first. This was a good learning lesson, because I didn't realize how powerful fantasies were with this PMO addiction. The good news is that I am getting back on track and still have no doubt in my mind that I want to continue to reboot and work through this addiction. I am learning so much and I am so thankful for this site to act as an outlet and resource for my PMO recovery!


Same here

I did the same thing. I didn't M or O, but I was also on CL looking for another partner for me and my girl. Can't tell you how bad that is for a recovering addict on so many levels. That's why I'm on day 4. I need to come back to earthly pleasures and not my fantasy ones. This has also been a really hard point in my reboot, but liberating, in terms of both time and freedom from addiction (though I definitely crave!).