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Hi all!

I have been reading here since about 2012, and been in a couple of relationships since that time. One was with what I feel was a sociopath, and one was just brief and probably with a relatively normal person who would never go near karezza.

I know this has been brought up before but I was wondering what advice anyone had for a single person on how to deal with sexual energy without any intentional release. Dream orgasms are unfortunate and relatively uncontrollable.. but other than staying away from self stimulation of any kind and trying to follow a spiritual path, meditate, do breathing practice - is there anything advisable? Is there validity to kundalini (I guess that's what you call it?) type work where you try to circulate energy up your body so it doesn't get "trapped" and go downward? I feel personally like this type of visualization and breathing helps me?
I've been reading what I can about this topic in general and I want to avoid repression.. and subconsciously seeking out a new relationship based on seeking sexual release. It's just a waste of time. if I can't do karezza I'm really not interested any more. I'm just ignorant as to how to deal with what feel like the electrical system of my body. I don't want to be burned out by another partner and continually 'short circuited' but I don't know what to do alone exactly either.

I do think generally I've been doing better since I've been at least attempting to direct liife-force energy in a spiritual way? Seems to be less .. over-much that way? Does that sound right to others here?

Thank you in advance for any input, hope all are well :)



I found skin contact with the Earth beneficial at times. Like reading in a chair with my feet in the grass.

Also screaming or yelling out the energy in Nature can also be healing. Feeling the emotional and sexual energy go out into Nature to be used beneficially by others. Sounds odd but worked for me several times.

I would recommend both.

Hope that helps.