Five Weeks

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Just a routine update for my five week mark (38 days, to be precise). Feeling pretty good most of the time, though lately I've been feeling quite nervous in social situations where I don't know the person I'm talking to, and struggle to make conversation. It's got to do with trying too hard to make a good impression, and the accompanying fear of rejection; but unfortunately it seems that knowing the answer to my problems doesn't do much in solving them. I have been stepping outside my comfort zone, and trying to push through this awkwardness, so hopefully it will slowly improve.

No real urge to PMO these past weeks, which is strange because I don't feel like I'm in a flatline at the moment. I've been constantly waking up with an erection every morning, which is generally indicative of NOT flatlining I've found (to be honest, however, I doubt I've very rarely experienced a flatline at all during my reboot(s), so I wouldn't know what one is when it happens...). And I've been sort of seeing someone new, very initial stages, and I'm incredibly sensitive - the slightest touch sets me off. Frustrating, but I don't think she minds :) So no real flatline - it may still be coming.

I'm planning to start some martial arts classes, and doing these two times a week. I reckon this should do wonders for my confidence, which is something that is needing a little bit of a push (a large number of blogs I read on here talk about astounding changes to confidence levels after only a week or two: I haven't noticed *that* much at all, so I'm a little frustrated with my progress).

Not much else to add for the past week - feeling rather lethargic atm, so haven't been very busy at all. Am going to plan to cut down on my internet usage, and limit myself to using the internet twice weekly at home, Monday's and Wednesday's. Hoping that this will give me the desire to really push outside my comfort zone and start trying new things :). I've mentioned this before, but never really succeeded - so am planning to try again!

Imagine the things we would achieve if we only spent the bare minimum online or in front of screens. Two hundred years ago the 'renaissance man' was a common species, now he's hardly found anywhere on this earth. I reckon there are distractions to blame for this.

All the best guys. Stay strong.


A sign...

.. that I've spent too much time looking at porn - is when I read the abbreviation "atm" I first thought of something very different from "at the moment." Gross! Kind of

Keep it up, I'm a week behind you. Some people say there is no difference between having self-confidence and pretending to have it.

You guys

ARE the renaissance men!

"Someone new" eh? I think that can make confidence wobble a bit. But it will get better. Glad to hear that!