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Day 56

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Story from the weekend to report. Its been 56 days since I started this endeavor. A female friend of mine that I had a quick relationship with years ago (but now we're just friends) and I decided to just have a night in and watch a movie. I have told her that I am abstaining from sex and MO for at least 90 days ( I didn't tell her why, I just told her it was a detox haha).


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Last night I was trying to get to sleep and I couldn't block out the sexual thoughts. I was too turned on, but I was determined not to MO.
Anyways, the way my boxer shorts were, they rubbed up against me in a certain way. Anyways, I kept moving around for awhile until I O'd. Embarrassing to admit haha.

It was a large relief, and I felt a little dizzy after. I didn't use my hands, but I did fantasize (about a real girl). I felt really guilty after, and I'm wondering if this is a setback. I won't do it again and don't have any chaser feelings.

Day 43

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Still going strong. I think I've hit a another flatline though. It's hard to be sure, because I keep trying to compare how I feel and react physically to when I was a little younger. The only trouble is I'm not sure if I'm remembering it right. Since I've had the Ed issues, I'm acutely aware whenever I have any movement down there. Before, it was just normal and there when I needed it.

Anyways I'm on day 43 and have minor cravings every once in awhile. Like ive said before, I'm going to be patient and evaluate after the 90 days.

Day 34

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Whoa. The last two days have been a new feeling! I really feel like I would not have any ED if I was with someone right now. I'm like a 15 yr old boy when Im trying to get to sleep - I can't stop thinking about sex.

I'm not sure if this is just part of the process or the finished product. However, I really dont think I would last very long if I had sex right now. I dont think I would have very good control. Like, I would prob last 10 seconds...

I read a little bit about Kegels - do they work?

Day 30

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Wow, 30 days...... I'm pretty happy with myself.

It's amazing how many times I used to pmo or mo simply out of boredom. This last week, it hasn't been very busy at work so I've been able to not go in on a few days.... And the temptation has been there simply because I need more things to do haha. That being said, I've been pretty good at playing a lot of sports and even trying to work on my golf game.