Day 120 approx

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Hi! I just got back from a month and a half vacation so I apologize to anybody that has been following my story.

I pretty much think that I am cured. I have not had sex yet, but I have hooked up with women and felt (what I believe to be be) the normal responses. I met a girl overseas and spent a few days with her. She said she was not ready to have sex yet, but we did do other things. Anyway, complete normal reaction and performances to those instances. The whole time I found myself horny and it was great. I really attribute it to: no porn , no mo, good eating (steak!), and plenty of exercise. I lift heavy weights and I run a lot of sprints. Sometimes, I feel like a loaded weapon haha.

Anyways, I don't want to call this a success just yet until I'm able to have sex with no negative issues. But at this point I'm pretty happy.


That's a great report

I think starting with some no-sex testing can be very confidence building.

But it sounds like you're not gonna need any extra confidence. Wink Let us know how it goes. I'll add you to the rebooting "hall of fame" when the time arrives.