Day 30

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Wow, 30 days...... I'm pretty happy with myself.

It's amazing how many times I used to pmo or mo simply out of boredom. This last week, it hasn't been very busy at work so I've been able to not go in on a few days.... And the temptation has been there simply because I need more things to do haha. That being said, I've been pretty good at playing a lot of sports and even trying to work on my golf game.

Also, I remember when I was a kid that I used to be full of energy and act silly sometimes ( making up words, joking around a lot etc). Lately, I've found myself acting like that again. I feel like a big kid - and I like it. I'm not sure if it's related to no fap, but it's funny. I have more childish energy.

I think I was on a flatline for the last two weeks, but I've felt a little stirring the last couple of days. Nothing to write home about, but just tingling every once in awhile. Throughout, I've been getting night/morning wood, but it goes very quickly when I wake up - almost like as soon as my brain figures out I have it.

I fully expect more flatlines, and have low expectations for the next month or more. I'm trying not to touch myself down below too much when I'm cleaning in the shower.

I definitely don't think I'm rebooted yet, because I feel almost overloaded when an overly sexual picture or scene comes on the tv. It's almost as though I don't like it and try to look away or change the channel. Perhaps I'm enjoying the break from having to be sexual and the pressure of thinking about performing. I guess I'm just hoping that after this hiatus I'll be back to normal like years ago....

Also, when I see a sexy girl, I don't feel the urge to be with her, or to mo. I just feel the urge to c*m. Just to release. I think when I'm healed more, it'll be more of an urge to be with the girl. Anyways, I'll keep going.