Day 56

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Story from the weekend to report. Its been 56 days since I started this endeavor. A female friend of mine that I had a quick relationship with years ago (but now we're just friends) and I decided to just have a night in and watch a movie. I have told her that I am abstaining from sex and MO for at least 90 days ( I didn't tell her why, I just told her it was a detox haha). Anyways, we ended up having a deep conversation, and I told her of the benefits that I've noticed such as: better libido, less guilty (from the MO), feel like I have a deeper personality, and overall being more honest with people because I don't feel I have anything that I have to hide. She talked about things going on in her life as well.

I usually don't talk alot about feelings and things, but I think that she might have felt connected by the talk. One thing led to another and we ended up getting together (I think she liked the challenge of trying to mess with my detox..). We didn't have sex because I didnt't have any protection. But when we were deciding, I told her jokingly "dont expect much because I dont even know if my stuff works it's been so long; and if it does I may not last long". She just laughed. Since I've started this, I've noticed that when I have an erection, I don't always know - I feel like I have less awareness of it. A few minutes later she said to me "Your stuff is definitley working!" That was pretty cool :)

It was like the old days when I didn't have to think about it or worry. I felt like I could have had sex if we continued. It helps that I have been with her in the past and have a comfort level around her. The real test will be in the future with someone new - but this was a good event for me.



on your progress. Very encouraging.

Yes, ladies can be very seductive and a bit unwilling to take "no" for an answer. But who can blame her. You're probably giving off a strong vibe. Wink

Just out of curiosity, were

Just out of curiosity, were you rebooting from porn addiction? If so, how long were you using, and how often? Did you have any ED issues? I'm fairly new to this process and I'm trying to see where I stand in comparison to other folks. Thanks a lot for any information you can give me.

Hi, sorry for the late reply

Hi, sorry for the late reply - I'm travelling at the moment and don't always have access to Internet. I believe I was addicted to porn and also mo. I prob pmo about three times a week. I know that doesn't seem like a lot, but I can see now that it caused ED when I was with partners. I'm now at over day 100 and I feel pretty great. I haven't had a chance to be with someone to see my ED has gotten better but I feel much more confident.