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Last night I was trying to get to sleep and I couldn't block out the sexual thoughts. I was too turned on, but I was determined not to MO.
Anyways, the way my boxer shorts were, they rubbed up against me in a certain way. Anyways, I kept moving around for awhile until I O'd. Embarrassing to admit haha.

It was a large relief, and I felt a little dizzy after. I didn't use my hands, but I did fantasize (about a real girl). I felt really guilty after, and I'm wondering if this is a setback. I won't do it again and don't have any chaser feelings.


Be careful

Masturbation is masturbation whether you use your hands or not . I was addicted to masturbation for almost 20 years without ever using my hand - except once last year when I was trying to see if I could masturbate the 'normal' way.