Dammit and Oh Well

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It happened. The backlash against this mental resetting won last Friday night and my days have not been the same lately. Come two days later I binge on everything I shouldn't be doing. This was after 3 weeks of total abstinence which I'm very proud off, but obviously I still feel I need to get to the other side.

I was doing so well! I felt comfortable, confident, and dedicated to this issue and in a matter of seconds it was all over. What a pathetic state I reached! But now I'm coming out of the tunnel again. I must learn from this mistake and move forward. I will never again go to my bed unless I'm so tired that falling asleep will be absolutely effortless.

Also I noticed the amount of energy taken away from the binge. Someone at work even said that I looked, "as if I got raped," which tells you quite a bit about how my mental state has been affected.

While this is bothersome journey, I embrace the uncomfortableness and move forward.


People people people!!!

I hate how isolated I am on a day to day basis. It's like I live on my own planet with no one for miles so temptation knocks at my door all too often. I'm in Mexico right now away from my job and my place in the states and I'm surrounded by family. It feels good to be with people. And not once have I felt temptation. I'm on day 3 of total abtinence and I'm glad to be making progress!