Insomnia on Day 12

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I think I got a bit too excited about the future yesterday that I couldn't fall asleep. I went to work with two hours worth of sleep and managed to get through it just fine. As I was driving home, I also became excited to share my thoughts with other people on this blog. It's surprising that I find this so therapeutic.

Today I had a big emphasis on connecting with other people at work. It's weird how something so natural can become so foreign. Talking to another person genuinely is something so simple and yet when we disconnect completely from society it looks daunting on the outside. I guess it's like when people are in an accident and they forget how to walk. So simple and yet so complicated.

I don't think it's in my head but are people friendlier when you're off masturbation? It's like you're face lights them up. I'm sure it's a mixture of feeling at ease with oneself and knowing that I'm doing the right thing. There must be more to it than that. Sexual energy must have a strong connection with character.

Last night I had the voices come into my head (and not in a schizophrenic kind of way) urging me to do it. I kept coming back and reading my blog entry and that helped A LOT. Needless to say my will stood the test of temptation!

I also had a sexual dream for the first time in years. How odd!