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Is it just me or do I feel more drained when I fall off of my recovery path than normal? I'm not usually depressed but now that I've been working on getting rid of PMO my body has reacted by being depressed and lethargic! This is one hard tunnel to get through! Have other people found that their mood swings a lot more when they're in recovery mode?


It's because you let yourself

It's because you let yourself down when you relapse. Remember that until you FAIL to abstain from the use of anything, you're merely dependent on it at worst. It is only until you try and fail that an addiction becomes your predicament.

Yes am experiencing the same

Yes am experiencing the same thing....At day 82 also...M depressed...Lethargic...If some is telling me something sometimes i couldnt understand...My senses are numb...I feel like a dead mass whose not having any feelings...Like anger,fear,happiness,sadness,Pain.....Nothng...This world is like a black and white movie for me now....I just ruined my life by viewing porn for 1 year....I hate myself!!